What we do

Bank of the Poor offers microfinance institutions (MFIs) the opportunity to raise debt capital from social investors through our website.

Bank of the Poor provides MFIs a 0% interest rate debt capital. MFIs on-lend this capital at prevailing interest rates and keep the interest income. Losses arising from client default are conveyed or absorbed by Bank of the Poor's social investors.

Where from here

We have a robust plan to grow over a 100 MFIs in over 50 countries and raise 0% interest debt capital from thousands of social investors via our website. As an online fundraising platform, high quality MFIs can now utilize Bank of the Poor to access debt financing from social investors through our website. On the other hand, other less established MFIs can also use our online platform as a source of growth capital and a way to grow over time.

Become a Partner

There are only few requirements to become a Partner with Bank of the Poor, as a microfinance institution you must meet a minimum criteria:

  • Be registered as a legal entity in your country of operation.
  • Serve at least 500 active borrowers with microfinance services.
  • Have a history of at least 2 years lending with the purpose of alleviating poverty.
  • Have at least 1 year of financial audits.
  • If you have a profile in MIX Market (, even better.

Ready to become an Infield Partner??

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